This delivery system has been criticised by a number of prominent thinkers. "The information level outside of school is so much higher than inside the school, that one interrupts one's education by going to school" (Marshall McLuhan). "My grandmother wanted me to have an education, so she kept me out of school" (Margaret Mead). As the huge corporations currently merging and emerging to exploit the potential of multimedia provide the public with access to sophisticated databases integrating text, image, animation, video, and sound, it will become increasingly difficult to counter this argument. Media can be considered as mediating - not just between you and me - but mediating within each of us between the objective world and our subjective map of it. It is a useful metaphor to associate the second generation of print with the right hemisphere, making a conceptual map of the objective world and the third generation of video with the left hemisphere, making a perceptual map of the objective world (see Figure 5). Within this metaphor, the computer could be considered as the corpus callosum, since it integrates print and video as the corpus callosum links left and right hemispheres, and it enables interaction between thought and action as the corpus callosum can be considered as linking the cerebral cortex with the rest of the body. At last, we have a medium which simulates the whole nervous system, a positive prosthetic that fits, a three-dimensional medium which promises to enable us to wrap our three-dimensional minds around our three-dimensional world. With the one-dimensional medium of the academy, all we can do is tell little stories about it.
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