Post-Life Meditation

      Well, that's a surprise! Here I am, a life-long atheist, and I find there is indeed life after death. A limited life but a life nevertheless. I was fully prepared for - well, nothing. So the atheists got it wrong. But religious folks got it wrong too. No angels around here, far less those 46 virgins some of us were promised. Just a sort of disembodied consciousness.

      Not having a body, I'm not able to communicate. Or at least THEY assume I can't communicate. They don't want me to give away this punch-line to the Cosmic Joke, to spoil the surprise. However, they didn't realise the extent to which we have merged with our extensions.(they're sort of unworldly up? here) - Scot can still download on to Siliclone. I had downloaded my mind so that you could visit my mind at my web-site rather than my body at my grave-site. Didn't realise that I too would be able to visit.

      The web-site is still a better place to visit than the grave-site. All you'd find at the grave-site is my name, followed by 1935-2015. The birth date and the death date are of some small interest (though those are the two events where I was the centre of attention and where people were saying nice things about me and I was not conscious at either of them). The important thing is that dash between them - that brief period of consciousness during which I led a life - it was indeed a "dash". That life you can find at my web-site.

      I suppose you want to know what it's like here in the hereafter. Well, it's frankly a bit boring. After the initial excitement of meeting other new arrivals, you find yourself besieged by long-timers, eager to find a new audience for their boring how-I-died stories. Mine is not very interesting. I died in bed at 80. My own bed, alas. And not shot by an irate husband. Looks like I'm going to have to embellish it, as I suspect those old-timers have already done.

      Haven't met any famous person yet. There just as rare here as they are there. So don't expect to hear about chats with Napoleon Bonaparte or trysts with Marilyn Monroe any time soon. Ironically, I've got lots of time on my hands now that I don't have any hands. So here's a meditation about 150 people who were born with me in 1935. It's mainly a therapeutic exercise to put my own life in some perspective by comparing and contrasting it with my cohorts. There's some talk up here about reincarnation. This initial shock of consciousness after death prepares me to better accept the possibility. If that's the case, then I would like to consider how I may better lead my next life.

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