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This book has a history too. It was inspired by an invitation from the Hudson Historical Society to help organize their archives. The book is a first tentative step towards organizing the archives around the existing buildings. The next step is to create a CD-ROM, entitled The Virtual Village, which will add flesh to this skeleton.

The hydrants (see Hydrant Hunt) march down Main Road. If there is information associated with a building, the relevant hydrant will stop there. Thus, the hydrant representing Interiors, will stop at 254 Greenwood to show interior shots of this historical building. One of those is a portrait of J. M. C. DeLesDerniers. A button beside this portrait will link to his family tree. Since his granddaughter married R. W. Shepherd, another link will take you to 245 Riversmead which he built for his bride. Information about the steamships which travelled between Montreal and Ottawa will be contained in this building since Shepherd was one of the founders of the Ottawa River Navigational Company. This will in turn link to 264 Schneider's Inn and 280 Como Inn where the steamers landed. Any contribution you can make to The Virtual Village - documents, photographs, facts, anecdotes - would be very welcome.

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