The Psychology of Communication



      This book evolved out of a course I have been teaching in the Department of Communication Studies at Concordia University in Montreal. During those 20-odd years, my students have provided feedback with quizzical expressions, subtle yawns, and clarifying questions - clarifying that is for the professor as well as for the student. Such "co-authorship" is rarely acknowledged - perhaps we should raise a monument to the Unknown Student.

      One student must be singled out. Maya Pinkas created the images on the front cover. Those portraits, created out of a collage of images from her life and my life, beautifully celebrate the miracle that, despite our dramatically different life experiences, we can still communicate.

      Some of my "teachers" also helped. The late great Dr. Ray Charron introduced me to evolutionary psychology. I greatly miss our breakfast meetings, but we are still communicating. Dr. Michael Hollinshead introduced me to the Santiago School of Cognition.

      One of my teachers, Trisha Santa, is 40 years younger than me. She is thus much more at home than I on the other side of the "digital divide", with video- and computer-based media, and kindly helps ME feel more at home there. She is my illustrator, copy editor, website manager (she keeps my virtual self alive at, computer guru, and good friend.

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