Introduction to me

      Now that I've introduced you to Eddy, I'd like to introduce you to me. I've been leading my life in volume-sized, five-year installments for the convenience of biographers.
      Volume 1     0 - 20   Growing up in Scotland.
      Volume 2     20 - 25 Undergraduate study in Canada.
      Volume 3     25 - 30 Graduate study in the United States.
      Volume 4     30 - 35 Teaching in Canada.

      So far, the standard immigrant's life, with script written by Horatio Alger. However, during Volume 4, I found myself teaching 700 day students in the matinee and 700 evening students in the late show. My courses evolved into two books and made me obsolete. There seemed no point in standing there reading my books until the year 2,000 when my tenure was up. So I retired. I took a decade off. Hence
      Volume 5     35 - 45 At large on the planet.

      During that decade, I explored other ways of living and learning outside the formal structures. This exploration resulted in another book, The Psychology of Teaching. in which I argued that education should be turned inside out. That is, the traditional outside-in teaching I had been involved in, where the teacher transplanted information from his/her head into the heads of the students should be replaced by inside-out teaching, where the teacher recognized the intrinsic potential of the student and created environments to help realize that potential.

      Behaviorism is the theoretical basis for outside-in teaching, humanism for inside-out teaching, and the interactionism of Jean Piaget the basis for the optimal orchestration of inside-out growing and inside-out learning. On completing that book, I knew, in theory, how to turn education inside-out but I did not know in practice. Then I met Eddy and his other electronic friends. Hence
      Volume 6     45 - ?? Travels with Eddy.

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