Charles Babbage Conception of computer
Ada Augusta Byron First Programmer
Alan Turing Turing machine, Turing Test
Vannevar Bush Memex
George Stabitz Invented first digital computer
John W. Mauchley First electronic digital computer (ENIAC)
John Bardeen Co-inventor of electronic transistor
William B. Shockley Transistor (Nobel Prize 1956)
J. Presper Echart Jr. First electronic digital computer (ENIAC)
William Burroughs Mechanical adding machine
Herman Hollerith Puch card system for U. S. Census
H. D. Arnold Vacuum tube
Grace Hooper COBOL computer language
Douglas Englebart WIMP interface
Ted Nelson Hypertext
Ed Roberts First PC (Altair)
Gary Kildair First microcomputer operating system (CP/M)
Jean Armour Polly Vacuum tube
Bill Atkinson First authoring system (HyperCard)
Dan Bricklin First spreadsheet (VisiCalc)
Mitch Kapor First database management (Lotus 1-2-3)
Tim Berners-Lee World Wide Web
Robert Noyce Integrated circuit
Jim Clark First browser (Mosaic)
James Gosling Platform-independent language (Java)
Linus Torvalds Linux Operating System
Dennis Ritchie Computer language (C)
Larry Roberts Internet
Bob Taylor Internet
Justin Frankel Code for compressing sound files (MP3)
Martin Cooper Cell phone
Donald W. Davis Packet Switching
Shawn Fanning Site to exchange MP3 sound files (Napster)
Marc Andreessen First commercial browser (Netscape) Jaren Lanier Virtual reality headset
Ivan Sutherland Three-dimensional computer graphics
Gordon Moore Moore’s Law