"Two-way television" - that is, television in which the viewer is source as well as destination

An extension of the telephone which enables people to call computers as well as people

A hybrid television-telephone [Woolfe]

An information utility - that is, like the electrical system but plugging people into information rather than energy [Logue]

"Everyman's database" [Lane & Winsbury]

"A system incorporating the computing, publishing, newspaper, broadcasting and library, telephone and postal services of the country, together with a large slice of teaching, of operations, and of many professional activities" [Calder]

"Enormous instantaneous silent telex which enters the living room, yet is under the user's control" [Fedida & Malik]

" --- information retrieval device --- sophisticated game machine --- recreational educational system ---electronic mail terminal--" [Madden]

An alpha-geometric code [Bown et al]

Electronic publishing for the specialist [Tyler]

"A medium to communicate perishable information very rapidly to precisely targeted groups of people" [Lyman]