Second, an Index. The author may consider this as spoon-feeding by indulgent teachers. Where's the spoon? Start feeding me! While you are at it, spoon me a Glossary and a Bibliography (the author has a remarkable vocabulary and seems to have read - and understood - everyone of interest in his domain).

      Third, another title. I prefer Education Regained to Lying About the Wolf as a sequel to Education Lost. It's not clear what the eponymous wolf is and who is lying about it. The wolf that the little shepherd boy lied about - and consequently lay within - was an obvious first guess. However, the cover clearly shows Little Red Riding Hood lying "with" the wolf. I personally prefer the third little pig who waylaid the wolf. Whereas the first and second little pigs see teaching respectively as a pushing-in and a pulling-out process, the third little pig, who built his house of bricks and mortar, sees teaching as an optimal orchestration of acculturation from the outside in and growing from the inside out. For Solway, the bricks are the members of the community of scholars and the mortar is (in a wonderful phrase buried modestly in a footnote to an endnote) "our collective existence in time". All the huffing of bureaucrats and all the puffing of technocrats will not blow this house down.

      This book is a masterful diagnosis of the social disease inflicting education. It exposes most current "cures" as category errors - physical solutions to meta-physical problems - and inspires the rest of us to seek genuine cures. Perhaps David Solway will then be able to write Education Regained.

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