A fourth view is emerging while preparing for this conference. Siliclone is my Avatar. This view shifts emphasis from intelligence amplication (IA) to artificial intelligence (AI). Whereas the first three views saw Siliclone as a supplement to my natural intelligence, this fourth view considers how Siliclone could represent my natural intelligence. It is seen as an expert system of myself. The literature of expert systems, which aspires to squeeze expertize out of people into programs, may provide some suggestions.

      The fourth generation of media (multimedia, internet) is interactive and integrative. Whereas siliclone-as-extension emphasizes interactivity, siliclone-as-representation emphasizes integration. We finally have a medium which promises to present ourselves whole. As a tracking (scanning and monitoring) exercise, I have organize over a thousand articles about media within a system of keywords. Since this is my system of keywords, perhaps I could organize my publications and presentations within this system. Thus, the user could get a bird's-eye view of my mind, and then zoom in to get various worm's-eye views.

      At the moment, this system is organized using HyperCard, the first generally- accessible authoring program. However, more sophisticated authoring programs are emerging. The internet experience is surprizingly linear - CLICK read a page CLICK read a page CLICK read a page. Those programs aspire to show the structure of knowledge within and among websites. Thus a website appears as a graphic consisting of circles, representing pages, with connecting lines, representing links between them. One can pan to explore the full structure (bird's-eye view) and zoom to explore the details within the structure (worm's-eye views). Such a two-and-a-half-dimensional pan-and-zoom system could perhaps serve to represent the structure of knowledge within any mind.

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