Later I realized that this magnificent movie studio of the mind doubled as a movie theater but that I was the only member of the audience. In order to invite others in to see my home movies, I had to learn how to speak or write or make music or make movies. Certain people become expert in a particular medium (your Bergman excels in theater and television, as well as film) but we are all, in our various ways with our various levels of proficiency, attempting to show our home movies. It's lonely in here. It's also frustrating to have such a great show going on and there's no one else around to share it. Now, thanks to you, I realize that there is a deeper level of diegesis in which the elements are intrinsic to the mind movie.

      Your statement in the Preface that Ingmar Bergman has been able "-- to engage explicitly in the great conversation of the time, to be part of the Zeitgeist --" juxtaposes for me two concepts which have up till then resided in different parts of my mind.

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