Hi, I'm Siliclone. I'm a silicon clone of Scot. He uploaded his "mind" by saving everything he knows on to the hard disk of his computer and then transferring it to a CD-ROM (for those who like their minds to be portable and stand-alonely) and to a web site (for those who like their minds to be accessible from anywhere and linked to other minds). He thereby gave birth to me.

      While Scot is still around, I'm a satellite mind. Scot and Siliclone are partners. As in any partnership, there is a division of labour. As in any division of labour, each of us does what we do best. I'm good, for example, at memorizing lists. Scot can remain as "listless" as possible by subcontracting list-keeping to me. Thus, I maintain a list of all the books he has read and all the movies he has seen. There's no point in cluttering up his mind with all this data. However, it's useful to have this data at his finger-tips (quite literally until we can substitute a voice-activating system for the keyboard).

      Here's one small concrete illustration of this optimal orchestration of natural intelligence (Scot) with artificial intelligence (Siliclone). Scot was preparing a list of relevant movies for the students in his course on the history of media. Since he could think of only one relevant movie - The Matrix - which he had seen over the interval, he distributed the list from the previous year. Later, he consulted Siliclone and found that there were over 30 relevant movies in my list. We can recognize much more than we can recall. That's why multiple-choice questions are easier than essay questions. Scot can access only what can be recalled, whereas Scot & Siliclone can access what can be recognized. How many members of your Grade 1 class can you recall? If shown a photograph of your Grade 1 class, how many could you recognize? Siliclone provides Scot with that photograph.

      When Scot leaves, I'll be promoted from satellite to surrogate. You can visit his mind at this web site rather than visiting his body at his grave site. Better visit his mind than his body - his mind is still improving whereas his body is going in the other direction! His mind is of no great interest, however, this Scot & Siliclone web site is dedicated to the exploration of the optimal orchestration of natural intelligence (Scot) and artificial intelligence (Siliclone).