Much recent evidence has accumulated to justify our faith in biology and to question the substitute false faith in technology. Every revelation about the wonders of the human body and mind is seen, by the simple-minded, as a point in favor of technology. We congratulate ourselves on discovering it, which is very understandable, but fail to go on to admire what we have discovered. It is as if I thought that my finding the Empire State Building was somehow more of a feat than the building of it. On deeper reflection, we realize that every discovery is only one small step for technology and one huge leap for biology.

      Can this faith be extended from the micro to the macro level of analysis? We tend to think not. As we move into the rarefied macro zone, we shift from biology to psychology to sociology and must replace any faith we may have in biological processes with a faith in cultural processes. We can, however, keep the faith. Capitalism, it is claimed, is partly based on an extension of the biological metaphor. Darwin's survival of the fittest principle was applied to the marketplace by the advocates of social Darwinism. However, more careful consideration suggests that this was more rationalization than rationale. It is more likely that our survival depended on co-operation rather than competition. It was the fact that we could work together in groups which enabled us to catch the faster animals and kill the stronger ones, and thus crowned this slow puny creature as King of the Jungle. Our genes may, indeed, have been fighting among themselves, as argued by the sociobiologists, but we were working together.

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