On the other hand, the New School of Athens should emphasize the direct face-to-face (f2f in the lingo of the fourth generation - as if it were somewhat exotic) communication of the dialogue which characterized Plato's Academy. It is the foundation of communication, which is threatened by the understandable fascination of the young for the new media, and emphasis on mediated communication. Dialogue is the best means towards consensus, which is essential if we are to share our planet.

      The internet need not pander to the ghoulish taste of the mass market. The advertisers clearly separated by a line on the right of the screen have no influence on the information on the left of the screen. The fourth generation of media is democratic. Just as in the case of the post office and of the telephone (the democratic options in the second and third generations), YOU are in charge. YOU control what appears on your screen. YOU are the active agent with this media - nothing appears on your screen unless you chose something from the huge smorgasbord of information that the internet lays out for you. Just as radio and television is requiring you to pay for whatever you select from a set menu, you can choose to dine at your leisure with no expense at this rich smorgasbord. Without media distracting you with manufactured problems for which they happen to have the solution, you can focus on real problems and the information which helps you solve them. You can focus, for example, on the very real problem of global governance.

      Whereas most of us are familiar with the initial reaction to the theory of evolution, we may not be as familiar with its subsequent history. It suffered a decline, because many malicious or simply silly people misused the theory as a rationalization for an extreme interpretation of capitalism as a survival-of-the-fittest principle applied to the social sphere and as an argument for eugenics - the "improvement" of the species by pruning out the unfit [DEGLER].

      Social scientists were so horrified by this interpretation of the theory of evolution that they swung to the other extreme of denying any influence of our evolutionary past on our present behavior. Their Standard Social Science Model (SSSM), which underlies the social sciences, including media studies assumes that the mind is a "tabula rasa", a blank slate on which culture writes, as argued above.

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